BB-8 and Dalek rigs and realistic materials?



  • Yup.  Looks pretty dead on now with the movement!  Just the camera bounce at the end giving it away.  Might be hard to get rid of that, though.

    Again, you can easily get caught in a loop of just trying to fix the unfixable.  Maybe call this shot done,  take what you have learned and try a different scene to track that has a cleaner camera solve. (But easy for me to say . . . . that's a lot of work to do all over again.) 

  • @Triem23 could you further describe the process for adjusting the mocha solve?

    When I re-open the mocha effect UI, the layers of splines are still there and they contain keyframe data to move around. But, they aren't lining up with the footage, and the footage seems to be trimmed short. I can expand the work area in and out points to see the whole video, but the tracks don't line up.

    Do I have to re-track the layers? How would I copy the keyframes from a tracked couch to the floor layer? I haven't used mocha much at all and the tutorials don't really cover this stuff...

  • @Triem23 I can't seem to get a solid track on any of the couches. Any other ideas? Is there a way to manually fix that spot?

    Also, where did you get your Dalek beam audio that you used in your unfinished short-film? 

  • You could stabilize the footage, which would make the tracking easier.

    Mercalli Prodrenalin v1.0 is cheap, works well with your footage with very little zooming in. Try the Demo version which has the restriction of only working with clips up to 10 seconds long.,l-us.html

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    @Palacono thanks for the comment. I might consider looking into an external program for stabilizing or tracking...

    Here is the latest version of the video:

    This time I added a light flare for a laser beam. Time to add audio. Does anyone know a good place to get a Dalek laser sound effect? I managed to create a decent voice in audacity.

    I also might offset the timing of the clip to see if there is a section with less tracking errors for this short scene.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Zach, for Dalek gun SFX do a YouTube search for "Dalek Gun Sound FX."

    I actually have some out of print BBC Radiophonic Workshop  SFX CDs.

    For tracking, try Autodesk Matchmover. It's a free program, 3D point-based tracker. Export from Matchmover in .ma format and use the Import Camera Data function to bring to Hitfilm.

    Disadvantage of a point cloud is, well. It's points with arbitrary alignment. A little extra work to align your objects.

    There are tools in Matchmover to define and select limited points for export, but I don't know them. I've only run two tracks as a test to verify tracks correctly import to Hitfilm.

    If you're Blender literate you can track in Blender, but it's tedious. You basically manually run a lot of single point tracks then have Blender calculate the solve based on points. Again, export nulls and camera in .ma format.

    Quick note on Dalek voice. The treatment is just a ring modulator at 20Hz.

    I'll be away from a computer till Monday or Tues, or I'd look at that mocha track. Even next week is packing  up for leaving the country for a month. 

  • @Triem23 Thanks! I'll have to look into Matchmover I guess... 

    Audacity doesn't have a ring modulator, but there is a plugin called killeringer that does the same thing. I found a tutorial and it sounds pretty good!

    Also, have fun on your trip! Do you have any videos backed up or are you taking a break while you're gone?

    Fun thing now is that I just swap out the models and points and I have a new character in my living room! Forgot to add the blur and grain. I'll do that when I animate.

    @Stargazer54 at least I have the materials and point rig set up. I don't have to redo that. Also, it will be easier next time around since I generally know what I'm doing now :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    BB-8 is much less shiny than a Dalek, and he shows how well you really matched the lighting.

    I'm working on some videos for upload, so there should be a couple for November. Won't have Cameras 4 done, but, c'est la vie. I didn't anticipate cameras being over two hours! 

  • @Triem23 either way your videos are greatly appreciated.

    I'd say I'm still new to all this, so all of the little things you throw in about real world cameras, tripods, etc really helps me and I'm sure others understand the concepts. I hope to soon do some tutorials or break downs of these shots, the AT-AT, and the Marvel intro. 

  • @Triem23 I'm trying to animate BB-8 rolling around a bit. It's easy to make him roll forward, just keyframe the x-rotation of the body rotate point.

    However, how do I make him turn? I want him to roll forward, his left, and backwards in a smooth motion. Since BB-8 is a ball, his movements are kind of complicated.

    I'd also like his head to lean into the direction he's going, then sort of bobble when he stops.

    Any tips on how to animate a character like this? 

  • @Triem23 would it have something to do with euler rotation? For example, I animate BB-8 rolling on the x-axis. I want him  to roll side ways while still rolling forward, but when I rotate on the Y or Z it rotates at a funny angle. 


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yup. BB-8 probably needs a yoke rig for the body.


    Here's a quick animation I did with the yoke rig! 

    I just realized that the illumination lights model isn't parented correctly. Oops!

    I'm having trouble with the little wobble at the end. I want BB-8 to come to more of an abrupt stop and wobble a bit from the sudden stop. I tried a few things but can't figure it out...


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Wobbles (and bounces) are tough to hand animate. You'll probably have to go to manual bezier on those keyframes.

    If you're an android user search the Google Play store for an app called "Motion Timer." It's a simple app that measures phone movements via accelerometer, and draws the motion curve for you. You could use that to act out the wobble with your phone and use the curve as a guide for setting up the Hitfilm keyframes.

    You have a good start. The beginning of the wobble is too strong for how BB-8 was moving and the end a bit too abrupt, but the basic keys are good--you just need to refine the curve. 

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