Rotoscoping Question

Hi guys,

So I'm going for something that looks like it's gonna have to be mocha intensive. I realize that there are many tutorials out there, including Hitfilm ones, and I've watched a lot, but I still feel the need to ask:

Here's my case: I have a decent shot of a guy pretending that he's driving a car. (So an invisible car result is what I'm looking for)  Note that this is all done from the side.

The challenge?

Well, he's tall.

I've done my absolute best to composite it so that he stays in the green screen as much as possible. But, there are moments his elbow sticks out. His feet. (Gas pedal motion), his right hand (Gear Box motion)

So my question is in Mocha; what is the step by step process?

Do I draw a lose skeleton around? (For tracking purposes) then draw more accurate roto and just keyframe the second along his limb movements? 

I don't mind sharing screen shots if required.

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