Which is the best technique for pausing a video inside a video?

Hi, I'm trying to play a small video on top of the main video, the small video on top only covers about a 1/8 of the screen. After about 30 seconds of both videos playing, the small video needs to be paused for about 10 seconds (while the main video keeps playing) and then continue playing.

Which technique should I be using to accomplish this?


Hitfilm Express User. 


  • I must mention that while the small video is paused, it needs to be visible on top of the main video (Just to clarify).

  • At the appropriate location of the pause in the video, in the VIEWER window, click OPTIONS > EXPORT FRAME. Then import that frame and pop it on your timeline and resize it or whatever.

  • Thanks @THX1139 I'll try that... 

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