How to transfer video from my samsung phone to computer? / Blend mode for dark smoke plumes?

Yea, that is my question, any help will be great! Thanks in advance :)


  •  Have you tried USB Cable? 

  • Like the micro USB? If that is so, dumb me :D I will try ;)

  • Another question, to those who have mentioned before about changing the blend mode to screen/add, Do I also do that to dark smoke plume,when I do that it makes it gray, should I just leave it? It looks good.

  • @Emecorp Yea it worked, of course, silly me thanks ;)

  • Hahaha I though this was a joke!

    About the smoke... You could try the "demult" effect

  • For dark smoke, if it's already keyed--smoke on a transparent background--try layering up two smokes, but just turn the opacity down to 80-90%.

  • @Triem23 Yea, it is already keyed, I will try that ;) thanks.

  • Another thing with the phone, I had filmed slo-mo on the phone, but when I transferred it to the computer, it was not in slo-mo, what am I missing, or doing wrong.

  • Depends on what the phone is doing. It might be recording the footage at normal speed and then using software to play it back in slow mo. On my Moto G4 it allows me to move which bits of the movie I want in slow mo which tells me it is recording normal and applying software slow mo. Your's might be doing the same. The key here is the number of Frames Per second (FPS) some phones can record 60 FPS or even higher, if you bring these in and add them to a COMP shot at say 30FPS it will be half speed (i.e. Slowed down).

  • Right click the footage select Properties and see what the frames per second is. Hitfilm by default tries to play back footage conformed to "real time" when added to the timeline. This means footage of a different rate from the timeline has frames doubled or skipped to match the timeline. If it's, say, 60 or 120, uncheck "from file" and change it to your project rate (probably 24,25 or 30) and it will be slow motion. Technically it will be using a 1:1 temporal frame ratio. 

  • Thanks @Triem23 and @Andy001z

    Okay, so it is the software on the phone that is doing the slo-mo :(

    The phone can only do 60 fps in 720p, so does my Canon, so I will work with that, soon I plan on buying the DJI osmo! That can do 4k, and can film at 120fps, can't wait for that :)

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