Flying/floating/hovering guy, how?

Hey y'all!

 This question might be tricky, both by explaining, and answering :)

  So in my lightsaber contest video, one of the characters can fly, and they are not rocket boots, he can just fly, and there will be a part where he lifts off from the ground and is somewhat over the other character and they are fighting, my question is what is the best way of getting my character to fly all over the place? But not really flying, just in the sky, moving around, attacking/ defending. I know cables would most likely be the best way, but I do not have those, nor the budget to get some, or make them. And green screening, I can do, just do not know how to get him to move like he is floating, without touching the ground when I film, and getting what I want, to look real, might be hard doing it that way? (Maybe I do not know) some tips with that would be nice ;) Or, would it be better to get a green screen suit and hold the character the way I want? Just throwing Ideas out there.

Thanks in advance :)


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    Depends how high up you want him to be and how energetic the fighting is. Once you've shown a few 'establishing shots' of him apparently flying, you could probably get away with medium shots that don't show his feet at least some of the time and just stand on the ground with the camera really low and looking upwards at him.  A bit like Axel did with the shooter on the roof in the Westworld to Yuma video. He was standing on a chair.

    E.g. Get a small box, or chair and stand on it. Now stand on the side of it with one leg only and lower yourself slightly so your free leg is dangling down the side of the box/chair. With a long coat on it and from the side it looks like you're floating above the ground. It's sort of like what street magicians do when they pretend to 'levitate'.  They raise themselves up on the 'behind' leg. You're lowering yourself for a similar effect. Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

    With some green screen and masking, you can cut out the knee of the bent leg that's sticking out behind, copy the hanging leg and place a copy behind itself to look like two hanging legs etc. all while only 1 foot (height) off the ground (pun not intended).

  • @Palacono So, He needs to be about 6 feet or so above ground attacking a 6 ft. guy, I can try doing what Axel did for close up shots.

    I don't think I will be able to do the other stuff you were saying, it might not work for my situation, since he will be moving all around.

    I might need some wires in my workshop, in front of the green screen, that are attached to the actor, to where he can spin and move, without touching the ground, so it looks more real, I might have to look into that, unless there is a better way?

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    Yeah, sounds like you want a lot of freedom, which would require wires and a lot of work. Sounds like a Health and Safety nightmare. Good luck! :)

  • Yeah! We will see how it goes! ;)

  • Without wires, going to be tricky, what about filming scenes at a trampoline park, green screen might be possible? Or beg, borrow one rom a family friend and set it up with a background you can work with.

  • @Palacono raises a good point. You only have to show a full flying shot a couple of times. Cheating the editing with closeups and standing on boxes is generally smart. 

    Careful with suspending an actor. Stunt guys have specific harnesses and rigs. Jury rigging something is potentially dangerous. It's no fun being dropped on your head if a jury-rig fails. I say that from experience... 

  • @Triem23 Ouch! :D

     I agree! I plan on doing what @Palacono said :)

    I am going to study about those rigs and see what I can do, thanks

    @Andy001z I do not know if I even have a trampoline park by me, and that might be hard to still get the shots I am looking for, but I will ask if anyone I know has cables, or something like that! thanks :)

  • @HIS_Films well just thinking on the cheap. Depends on your look and budgets I guess. Your scene certainly sounds like a tricky one to pull off. Good luck.

  • Thanks, I will give it a go ;)

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