Exported video "beats"/pops glitch

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I tried exporting a long, highly edited video of around 20mins in length using the standard Youtube 1080 preset, but for some reason when I view the exported MP4 file on any program, the video "pops", like the resolution is decreasing for a split-second every few seconds. I'm wondering if there's any way to fix this, or its a problem with my PC. I've also noticed that my exported video has the footage ahead of where the audio is intended to be.


  • Please share your specific HitFilm version, plus your system specs (CPU, GPU, HD, OS).  Also share the specs of your source media (use MediaInfo if possible to get the most detailed breakdown).  All of this will help in the troubleshooting process.

  • Hitfilm Express 2017, Nvidia Geforce 940MX , Intel Core i5-6200U CPU @2.30 GHz, Windows 10. Most source media is MP4 files downloaded with a youtube-mp4 converter add-on on Firefox, with some footage recorded from my phone and other places. The video is also ~20min long.

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    use the "variable" bitrate.... this bug is since version hitfilm4 and no one of the devs have a solution.. my pc: win7, 970gtx, 16gb ram and 1tb ssd.


  • Agreed, I have run into this problem as well, it's from using a constant bitrate export as opposed to variable bitrate. Just change the bitrate setting to variable  and just use the same values and it should be fine.

  • "...no one of the devs have a solution."

    Nothing FxHome can do about it. They do not write the encoders. With the AVC output, it is what the Mainconcept (MC) encoder does. The MC AVC CBR rate control probably sucks. 

    This really begs the question. Why are people selecting constant bitrate? Hitfilm does not default to that so it is a conscious decision to change away from VBR.

  • @NormanPCN why do people choose constant bit rate? To be blunt that's just ignorance on the advantages of VBR. Would be helpful if Hitfilm had a two-pass option... 

  • They probably mistake it for Constant Frame Rate. If you were blindly offered a choice of a Variable 'something' or a Constant one, which would you choose as probably best?

  • @Palacono fair enough. Still ignorance*. 

    *Ignorance ain't too bad. That can always be cured with some learning. Stupidity is the problem. :) 

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