How to do raining VFX

Hey, I'm planning to do a test shot for this kind of VFX. Any tips on how to do this? I imagine a house showered by rain during night time. I wanted it to be as close as being realistic.

- Noob. 


  • I'm not quite sure I understand the kind of rain effect you want.  If it really is just "a house showered by rain during night time," then I strongly recommend beginning by considering practical effects first.  Creating rain in post is doable, but more complicated than just capturing it in-camera.  I'm sure there are probably some tutorials online for creating practical rain effects.  Also keep in mind that you might not need to hit the entire house with rain all at once. If you carefully plan your shots (and lock off your camera), you might be able to film the rain effects in segments, then composite them in HitFilm into a single shot.

    You might need/want to augment any practical rain with some effects anyway, which HitFilm can do fairly easily.  If you're using HitFilm Express, you have the Rain On Glass effect, which might help if some of the house windows don't get hit by your practical rain enough.  There's also the Rain effect (under Quick 3D) for more of a true rain effect, which can be tweaked to your liking as well.  If you want even greater control, you might need to consider upgrading to HitFilm Pro, which has a more robust particle simulator.

    Does that help?

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    I made a tutorial for this, it's only my YouTube Channel!


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