i cant activate my hitfilm after clicking activate noting happens ive already reinstall it but again nothing happened


  • help plsss is there any other options??

  • i have redownload it following the steps still the same maybe ill just try to create A new account and download it again

  • this is still me and nothing still happens when i click activate s there an activated version already?

  • @aundrei

    You first have to deactivate the software as it seems that there is a version installed somewhere... To do that, go to and click VIEW ACTIVATIONS next to the software version (e.g. 4 or 2017).

    When you're there, you have to click deactivate next to the software. Now you should be able to activate the license inside Hitfilm.
    If you have any more questions, just ask.


  • I don't have it active and doesn't let me do it online


  • you must make a hitfilm-account. then use the same email-adress and passwort for activate hitfilm. possible that your browser blocks "new windows" (noscript, adblock ect.), use a other browser in this case. other possibilities: your pc are under the minimum specs, or your antivirus block...

  • If the suggestions in this thread don't help, please contact Support . To save a little time, please confirm which program you're trying to activate, your operating system, and where in the process it's going wrong (particularly if you get any error messages).

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