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Planning to upgrade my PC. Ryzen marketing would have us all believe that if a 4 core CPU is good -  16+ cores must be better. To what extent can Hitfilm effectively use more cores in the latest Intel SkylakeX and Threadripper consumer CPUs for timeline edit/playback and render? I was never an AMD fan but can no longer ignore Ryzen as an option and must thank them for lowering Intel prices. I'm not looking for the cheapest solution but now moving to 4K AVC/HEVC source and want a PC investment for the next 3-5 years. In terms of value, I'm waiting for the 6 core 12 thread i7-8700K Coffee Lake due out soon. Leaked benchmarks look promising - 6 cores running at 4.5Ghz could be good value at predicted prices. All feedback welcome. Apologies if this has been already covered.


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    So Hitfilm is generally GPU driven with the CPU doing relatively little. 

    This thread has some excellent discussion on what's going on with Hitfilm and the CPU. 

    Pay special attention to the comments from NormanPCN. Long story short, for Hitfilm you won't see as much improvement from 16 cores as you think.

    Now. What's your GPU? For improvement in Hitfilm performance that might be a better place for your upgrade cash. It depends on what other software you run. 

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    Thanks Triem23 but my main concern is 4k timeline performance. Codec decoding/encoding seems to be CPU bound with possible GPU acceleration. Will a 6/8/10/12/16/18 core improve performance? Any benchmarks?

    My current GPU is a Gigabyte G1 GTX 960 4GB which I'm hoping to use in my new box for effects. Does Hitfilm support Intel Graphics?

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