Light saber ignite?

Hey all!

 So I know how to ignite a lightsaber, the guy is holding the prop but with the stick part out already, so you can see it, but I need it not to be there when I ignite it, I had to do it that way, Is there an easy way of erasing the stick so there is nothing  before it ignites?



  • Shooting a clean plate is a pretty standard way, but you need to have thought of that before recording your footage.  If you happen to have a part in your footage where the section obscured by the saber is unobstructed, save a frame of that moment, import that frame into your project, then use that with some matte trickery to hide the prop before the effect takes over.

    And this is all assuming your camera is locked off, of course.  If your camera is moving, you'll need to track the shot and use that track to move your background-replacement matte trickery so that it follows the camera.

  • In Hitfilm Pro 2017 the Wire Removal effect is also pretty good for removing the blade of the lightsaber prop.

  • Usually, you would have a light saber handle without the blade prop that you would ignite with. If you filmed with the blade prop, then you will have to remove it. Using a "clean plate" frame as @jsbarrett stated above is a good way to do it in Express, and if you have Pro, then the Wire Removal would be good also, like @Triem23 said above.

    Here is a video that I did talking about light saber ignitions, how they have evolved over the years, and how to do one in HitFilm. Of course this has updated with the addition of the Light Sword effect in HitFilm Express 2017.

  • Thanks guys, I figured I would have to do it the hard way, I do not have a clean plate, and I do not have pro, and the camera was not locked of :( I got to think next time, when you all see the clip (not sure when it will come out) you might understand a bit more why once I post the clip ;)  I know what to do :)

    Thanks,  if I have a problem, I will let you all know!

  • @HIS_Films Good luck, and if you need any help, let us know!

  • @HitfilmSensei your video was helpful, thanks, I subed! I finished the part I was asking help for, and it came out well, now I am working on the lightsaber part! Thanks

  • I look forward to seeing it. I love light sabers!

  • @HitfilmSensei Can't wait to show you, This is just a clip, that is "supposed" to be funny to what it is applied to, but in October I am doing the LCC Lightsaber Choreography Contest, So i am watching a lot of lightsaber videos including the first one you showed in the video, It is going to be tough! But I got a good story ;)

  • Awesome! Keep us posted.

  • I will, it will probably be on my thread!

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