Boris title studio

Is it just me but when I use boris title studio in hitfilm pro 2017, it seems kinda buggy still?


  • Yup. Boris is twitchy. Actually it's never been properly functional in Hitfilm, IMO. At first release the textured material styles caused a 100% crash. Plus some other configuration issues. Boris took forever to get FxHome a fix for that. I never tried to use Boris because of that.

    Then once we got that fix. I cannot remember the update number. I tried to use Boris again. Then I found it has problems with 29.97 (maybe other) projects. Edit/create the title studio title/project and all is fine. Save the Hitfilm project, close Hitfilm, open Hitfilm and open your project and now Boris thinks it is 25 fps and all keyframe timings and event/project length are trashed. I've not seen a notification of that bug being fixed. I've not tested for an unannounced fix in recent updates. I really wonder if it will ever be fixed for Hitfilm 2017. It's not too long before Hitfilm 2018.

    While using Boris I did run into a bug, not reproducible, where with my keyframing I somehow got a single frame of pure while flashing into a specific title studio track/layer. It was the first frame. Deleting all the keyframes and resetting all properties could not clear that. I had to delete the layer/track and re-create. It did not happen to me again.

    All this was with trying to do a single animated title. Beyond those two reported items (materials, save/restore), the white frame thing was all I remember having a issue with. At least enough for me to remember.

  • @NormanPCN   I do agree, Boris title studio is pretty powerful but it would be nice to have the bugs fixed.

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