How to calculate for safe frames

Does anybody know how to calculate for safe frames?


  • Safe frames? Is that still a thing? 

    Look in your effects list under 2D presets. You should see some "Title Safe" or "Title Guide" presets. There may also be those as presets directly in the Grid effect. 

    So I think that just becomes drag and drop to a grade layer. 

    But, here's how to calculate that, anyway. :-) 

    Action safe is considered anything not in the outer 10% of the frame, title safe, not in the outer 20%.

    So, for a 1920x1080 frame 10% horizontal is 192px and 10% vertical is 108px.

    So. The center of the frame is 0,0. 960px horizontal from there is the screen edge. 540px vertical to the screen edge. 



    Open a Grid effect and put point 1 at -768, 432 and point 2 at 768,-432. This draws an action safe guide. 

    Title safe isn't really a thing anymore. That was for old CRT monitors with a curved picture tube. The image edges would distort, so the "solution" was large bezels hiding the outer edge of the screen. 

  • Apparently some HD TVs still have an overscan setting that may leave some image info cropped off.

    Which brings up the most important point: if the content you're creating is only going to be viewed on a computer, and never possibly through a TV that has overscan active, then don't bother with trying to keep the content "safe."

  • Yes, overscan still exists, even on LCD TVs, but it is a much smaller percent than was the case with analog CRT displays. 

    Because my media PC is connected to my TV I have the overscan on the TV off.  Since the amp is doing the switching the PC and TV signals are on the same TV input.

    On virtually all programming I do not see any artifacts on my cable TV (FIOS) broadasts. On some programming I do see garbage black/white flickering (random?) pixel/line at the top or bottom. Who knows where that creeps in. Content, transmission, re-compression, cable box, Even a tiny 1% overscan would guarantee that would never show. It is so rare I would not care.

  • @Triem23 how did you find your information?


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    Andersen, I'm an old(ish) man (45), and safe zone information is one of those things I probably picked up in my film and TV classes back in the 1990s. 10% Action Safe and 20% Title Safe got burned into my brain long ago.

    I took my first CG classes, oh, back around 1986, or so, and moved up from CAD 3D, Spectrum 512 and Cyber Paint on an Atari ST through to Deluxe Paint and Zeotrope on the Amiga, before shifting into the PC realm with 3DS Max, Photoshop and Vegas Pro, etc. I've been playing around with this stuff for awhile.

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