Magnifying area under magnifying glass

I have a magnifying glass which I want to move on my circuit boards and I'd like the area inside the magnifying glass to show a magnified portion of the circuit boards below it. Can I use the magnifying effect in some way to do this? Applied to the circuit layer? It needs to move in sync with the magnifying glass, of course.



  • OK I take it you have two separate elements here, and not filmed together. E.g. a magnifying  glass pre keyed and a shot/picture  of a circuit board.

    If this is the case it should just be the case of making a new comp shot for the magnifying glass and track a point on frame and set that tacking data to a point. (PS: I assume the magnifying glass isn't changing angle it is simply hovering over the board, if it does you will have to track 2 points and ensure you get rotation tracked also).

    Next create a new plane in the MAG comp and make a mask (circle) the size of your glass. You want it inverted so just the glass is visible. Now you need to use the tracking point to assign to the transformation (set source to your point). You will need to zero out the X,Y values to get it to centre  on  your track point. Then selecting you TRACK point you can move the anchor so it lines up with you glass frame. It should then move the mask around with the magnifying glass.

    Now all you need to do is go back to your plan layer and the mask and apply the magnify effect on the mask area. This should do the job. There are lots of things (like feathering the edges) and stuff to make it look better but it might get you started.

    Doing this away from my editor so hope I got the terminology right.


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    Thanks Andy, I'm just watching a video now regarding tracking (not something I've done before) but both the circuit and the magnifier are PNG images so I'm not sure that tracking is needed in this particular case, right? I was intent on animating the magnifying glass using position keyframing. Edit: yeah, I think I just need to follow your instructions from the point of creating a plane!

    Edit2: No! I don't know how to apply the instructions to a keyframed magnifier position! If the magnify effect is applied to the plane with a mask, nothing happens!

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    Don't think it needs to be that complicated if you've only got images.

    Take image, take pre-keyed picture of Magnifying Glass, and put on layer above the image.

    Move the Magnifying Glass to where you want it to start.
    Drop Magnify Effect onto the image. Put it under the Magnifying Glass and adjust the Radius to fit the glass.  You can also adjust Magnification and Bulge, but the default works fine as a starting point.

    Select Magnify Effect>Centre>Use Layer>Magnifying Glass

    The Magnifying Area will probably jump, as the relative offsets of the two layers will be different. Drag Magnify Effect back to under the Magnifying Glass.

    Now when you move the Magnifying Glass the Magnifying area will follow it.

    I don't have a Magnifying Glass image, so I just tested that with a big letter 'O'. ;)

  • Yes, that does it! Sorry for not being clearer earlier, although it did alert me to the tracking ability which was something I'd previously done manually, frame by frame! Thanks, both!

  • Hmm @Thx1139 lets see about EDIT2, the magnifier not applying. It might be becuase you need to have the plane layer set to ADD or SCREEN this way it should apply over the top. Of course there is nothing stopping you applying the magnifer effect on the circuit board png layer directly and use the same tracking data to move it around. (NOTE: I see your planning on moving the glass image manually, hmmm in that case something new).

    Take you magnifying glass png make it a comp, then sort out any keying issues (e.g. get rid of any background). Then move it about as you plan using the tranform propeties. Then make a mask for the inside like we did before. Now add your circuit board png below the mag glass in the layer stack. Hopefully it will show your mag glass with a hole in the middle and that hole is showing circuit board. Now apply the magnification effect to just the area you magnified.

    It is hard to work out the tools and process without understanding the two PNG images. A simple key of the msg glass might not need a mask.

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    I'm trying to do the same thing, but when I hover a magnifying glass over text, the text should enlarge. However, when I drop the Magnify effect,  under Center, there's no "Use Layer" (using HitFilm 2017).

    Looking around, there's barely anything on the Magnify effect.

    Here's what I have:

    • A plane serving as the background
    • A Text layer with what I want to magnify
    • A PNG of a magnifying glass that I want to move and then hover over the text.

    If I attach the text layer to the mag glass layer, then the text moves with the glass, which I of course don't want. Also, do I drop the effect onto the mag glass layer or over the text layer?

  • Im not infront of my Hitfilm right now, but I have the feeling this is a combination of using the magnify effect on the text (I would use a point which is animated to move around the text, this I would then link to the magify effect and the prop image) then using maybe the demult effect to apply to a mask on the magnifying glass. Might be wrong but that kind feels what I would try.

  • @EmmisDad are you saying your Magnify Effect does not look like this?

    (Remember to click on the little down arrow to open the parameters)

  • Oops. One click too few. I thought that was already expanded. My apologies.

  • I put my Hitfilm file with the needed pictures into a zip file here:

    You will need to relink the pictures provided and disregard everything else. You will need to find the "Mystery inverter front and back.png Composite Shot". I guess if you examine how it functions, you can emulate it.

    This is how it looks:

  • And that worked...Thanks!

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