Glass shatter effect

Can someone tell me how to create a realistic glass shatter effect in hitfilm pro?


  • How far have you got with the built in Shatter Effect?

  • Thank you for your answer

  • I just watched the hitfilm tutorial for the shatter more...

  • But I don't know how to apply it to a glass texture...HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • Well, it depends what you are trying to do. The docs explain that you use a custom shatter map, which is black and white to create the breaks and it pretty much just does it. It's a case of experimenting to get the desired result.

    So, what is your objective?

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    you can make realistic glass shatter effect with ad 3D-tool (blender, 3dmax, maya, 4d cinema and much other). in hitfilm you can only use the shatter effect on a picture or a layer.

  • @Chriguf depends on if you have HF Pro or not, in Pro you should be able to do something pretty good with the Partical Simulator. Combine this with the shatter effect and away you go. Of course a 3d software engine that constructs the object out of millions of poloygons is going to do a better job, but then that a main feature of the software.

  • Thanks  everybody!! ...hummm...

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     Do you think is better (and less complicated) using stock footage??? 

  • Again, it depends on what you are trying to do, but there is lots of green screened shattering glass all over YouTube for free download.

  • Production Crate just came out with some not long ago, I think they have some free ones here is a link:

    Some of those are free, then the others are pro, which is only $39/year for all their stuff on the website with unlimited downloads! Hope it helps :)

  • Thanks!! I will have it  in mind...

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