Any ideas?

umm i firstly wanna say that i HAVE made a ticket with the tech support but maybe one of you people have an idea  so this is more of a ideas board.

firstly i tried hitfilm express 2017 but to my problematic despair. the export is stuck on 86% for a 6 minute video of one or two MOV files. this is because these are QuickTime videos (i did update driver but same thing happened). so i went back to hitfilm 4 express and remade the video. (NOTE: i have done these in the past which were all 1 hour long) but when exporting it gets to "less than 10 seconds" and then surprise, surprise! it crashes every time it gets there. i NEED help because without it i wont be able to do YouTube AND  make the video my friend wanted for me to do


  • Export as frames, note the last frame it crashes on, go back to your project, find that frame and adjust the effect that's causing problems. 

  • How do you do that because I've never exported frame by frame

  • This is called "Exporting an Image Sequence."

    25:20 shows image sequence export settings in Hitfilm 4. At about 31:00 it covers Hitfilm 2017. There should be image sequence templates already for JPEG and PNG. 

    Image sequences have no audio, but you'll be able to find out exactly which frame is crashing. If it's the last frame (less than 10 seconds remaining, right?) then you can try exporting that frame with the Export Frame control. 

    Then bring your Image Sequence back in (5:40 in the video) and put that on a video track above your main edit. Mute the bottom tracks and re-render. Since your effects are now baked in this will be quick. 

    Rendering Image Sequences takes fewer resources than video and sometimes a video render that crashes will work perfectly as an image sequence. Depends on how many effects and layers are in the project. 

  • @Atomiccrown51  If you are using HF2017 Express (or Pro) use the PNG preset on the export page by clicking on the drop down triangle thing under Preset on the left hand side of the export page and select PNG Sequence.  Then slide over to Output (2 to the right) and click and select the location and folder you want to export all the PNGs into, then export.  Hope this helps.

  • thanks for the help guys and gals! this will be the end of this discussion 

  • Nooooo, we want to know if you fixed the problem and what was causing it. If it's a bug it needs to be highlighted and reported so it can be fixed. ;)

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