Import an entiry timeline to another project HFP 3?

Theres a way to load an entery project to another one, so I can create only one timeline in one file? I have a web serie and want to edit it as a movie, so I want to add one episode after other and edit the whole thing...


  • You can also load a PROJECT in via "Import Composite Shot," and extract any/all composites in the imported project. This will NOT transfer Editor Timelines, only Composite Shots. But, if you need to transfer things with embedded composites from Project A to B you'll need to do it as a project, not an exported composite. 

    This is discussed starting about 37 minutes into this video.

    I literally copied and pasted this from something I wrote in another thread fewer than three hours ago. Heh. 

  • This is the problem, I want to load the timeline inside another timeline... so I can create a full project from the episodes

  • That's currently not possible.  The closest you're going to get is to export a high quality version of each episode's project once you're finished editing, and import those media files into one master project to sequence them in order.

  • That was my first idea... maybe a feature for future versions, join and split projects.


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