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I have searched all i could in the forum and on google but i can not find an answer, i know i can change the path manually for the export files, but sometimes i forget and suddenly my c: drive (which is an ssd) is full.

is there any way to make it permanently another folder like  D:Hit-Export  so my forgetfulness doesn't fill up my drive, and also keep my exports where i really  want them?

if not maybe it could be added to the project page ,so  when you setup project you can make a project bin of some sort :D

thanks in advance



  • I don't think there is. Good idea, though. 

    Add that to the Wishlist thread. I'll +1 that, although a default render folder would be better in the Options menu than Project.

  • HitFilm should remember the last directory you exported to so a default export directory option shouldn't be required.

  • edited September 2017

    It does retain it for me, but the default of C:\Users\<My Name>\Desktop\HitFilm Express 2017 Exports is IMO too long. Especially as you can't see the full name in the Export Queue window unless you slide the Profile Tab to the side.

    C:\Users\<Name>\My Documents\HitFilm Exports  is both shorter and a better default place than the Desktop.

    I suspect I know why the Desktop was chosen: so you don't get people saying "I can't find it!", ;) in which case: "Hitfilm Exports" is still a long enough name for the final folder. Also works for when people upgrade to Pro (or next year), Express 2018, for those who never change it. :)

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