Hitfilm Support Society??

There is a FANTASTIC society of people doing Hitfilm tutorials on YouTube and supporting each other. If they were not there I would struggle so muchos Kudos to them. There are also a number of people on YouTube using Hitfilm to create their videos whether it's short-films, skits or whatever.

Now there is, of course, Sub4Sub out there  but what about Hitfilm users supporting each other, and (somehow) promoting Hitfilm, by supporting each other through subscriptions?

How might we do it? Add the YouTube name to a forum post and, if appropriate content, subscribe to each other?



  • Frankly, I don't like the Sub4Sub concept.  It's a way to inflate numbers simply for the sake of inflating numbers.  Part of what makes any community grow and thrive is when people are real and genuine, not interested in numbers for numbers' sake.  While I'd love for people to subscribe to my Clever Tagline channel, I want to do that by creating content that people actually want to see.  If my content doesn't interest you, then don't subscribe.  I'm fine with that.  I'm not in this for the numbers.

  • I don't care for the Sub4Sub concept either. Borrowing from @jsbarrett, real and genuine would be donating to a HitFilm creator's Patreon account. Money by itself wont make for success but it could give a creator the freedom to become a success.


  • Pretty much agreed. The tutorial makers in the community are largely subscribed to each other already. Many of us already share each other's tutorials around. It's not about the numbers, we're just sharing info. 

    @jsbarrett just had his page turn tutorial added to the Clever Tagline Hit-U playlist, shared on Twitter and three Facebook pages/groups, for example. It's a great tutorial. 

  • Hmm OK... not sure I explained myself well enough but can understand the reaction. Personally I am interested in how people are using Hitfilm within their content and the content itself.  I guess the User Gallery is for that anyway. 


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