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Hi all,

I want to add effects to my game montage - however, I cut and put together a bunch of really small clips to make one video. This means I have about 20 - 25 tiny clips in the same project, making adding effects a huge pain in the butt. I have to individually add effects to each clip, and this is really tedious. Is there any way I can either add the effect to every clip without having to do it 20 - 25 times, or can I make all the tiny clips one big one?


  • I am using Hitfilm 4 Express, by the way.

  • Making all the tiny clips one big one would probably be easier. To do that, drag them all into a composite shot, and adjust their visibility bars so that they begin and end in succession in the order you want.  Then add a grade layer on top and apply your effects to that grade layer.

    Out of curiosity, what effect(s) are you planning to add to so many clips?

  • Hi jsbarrett,

    I'm actually away from my computer at the moment, but I'll try the solution you suggested tomorrow morning. Thank you.

    The effects I want to add are changing the brightness/contrast/hue/lighting, adding a little screen shake, zooming in/out at some points, etc.. A pretty extensive list. I am editing a first person shooter gaming montage, and I want it to look really professional despite it only being my second.

  • Ah. I got the impression you were adding the exact same effects to all clips.

    If the effects aren't going to be exactly the same in each case, you'd probably be better off adding effects individually.  Make each shot into its own comp, and add the desired effects there. I doubt that all shots will need shake, for example, so only add it in those comps where you want it.  If several/all shots do require the same effect, add it once in one comp, then copy that effect and paste it onto the appropriate media layer in the other comps.

    Yes, it's a lot of work, but it'll be easier to get the control you want with each shot in a separate comp rather than animating effects and their properties in one massive comp.

  • Thank you, jsbarrett. I just finished, gonna polish it up a bit now.

    Really tedious. But I like it :)

  • I've read a number of threads from folks who would like to merge multiple clips in to a single clip.  

    Can I make a suggestion?   Instead of telling all these folks why they are  wrong to want this etc, maybe Hitfilm should just code it so clips can be merged on the timeline? 

    I totally get why some users want to  highlight a bunch of clips and choose "merge" from the popup menu.  It seems like a very obvious feature to me.  If you can split a clip in to many parts, why not have a feature which does the opposite?

    Is there some technical obstacle to this?  If so, it might help to explain to users why this particular feature can't be coded.

  • Lots of people want lots of features and the developers prioritise requests to fit with the time they have available.

    Splitting a single clip is not even related to merging (actually grouping) multiple clips, which could be at different speeds and a mixture of video and images.  But it would be useful; so add your voice to the requests for it in the wishlist thread:


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