Youtube videos not clear but blurry!

I'm making some youtube videos of a game called overwatch and I've noticed that my videos aren't as clear cut as others. I've had a look at some of the presets on the presets for exporting and I can see that youtube HD 1080 but only at 30 fps. Is that right? Can I change that to 60 FPS by anyway or do I need to upgrade?

Just want my video more clear cut and defined as at the minute theyre great but just not as clear as other peoples recordings.


  • 60fps will work as long as your media, project, and export settings are all set to 60fps.  No upgrade needed.

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    You can just change it to 60fps, but that might mess up your edit. Always make sure you choose the right fps before you start editing (Trust me, I learned it the hard way.)

    And I actually don't think the fps matters for clearness, most of the times it's resolution. If you're editing a 720p project and try to export it to 1080p, then there can be some issues.

    Do you have an example that we can see?

  • Long story short, increase the output bitrate in the export template. This will give higher quality renders at the cost of larger files. 

  • Sorry late reply!

    But I just use the presets. Before I start editing I make sure it's 60 FPS which is ok but how do I change the output bitrate? Is that on OBS which I'm recording my gameplays with or on hit film express?

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