How to make a 3d statue?

I need to make a 3d statue of myself, if that is even possible, I can do a flat 3d one easy with a picture and extruding it, but I want one with details. Is their any tutorials on that, even if it is After effects that is fine, or any tips will be most helpful if that is possible? Thanks :)


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    @HIS_Films  You might look into photogrammetry software.  I know it's mostly used to turn statues into 3d meshes but it might do what you are wanting as well.  There are some options that are free but I cannot speak to their capabilities.  I've only played with a trial copy of 3dSOM a long time ago.


    Edit:  Pretty good information here:

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    Yeah, you're looking pretty much at full 3D modelling for this one... 

    There are apps--mobile ones even--where if you take your pose and hold it while some takes a lot of pictures all around you the geometry can be determined. 

    You'll need to be in Pro to take advantage of this. There is no way to bring fully 3D models into Express. 

  • Thank you @Triem23 and @tddavis I will look at the info but I will probably do something in after effects maybe find a 3d model online similar to what I am looking for thanks guys :)

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