My camera is automatically cutting

My Canon T3i is cutting automatically about every 12 minutes. I'm shooting 1080P at 30fps and recording to a 64GB SD card.

If there's a way to avoid this I would really like to know.



  • This may be due to the 4GB file limit. Some cameras can't write files larger than 4GB because they use a 32-bit file system. 

    Unless it supports automatic spanning, you might have to live with stop  + restart. The GH4 for example shares the same limit, but it will start a new file when it hits the 4GB limit. 



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Whitecrane is correct. The t3i will stop recording when a file reaches 4GB. For 1080p video this is 12 minutes. 720p or lower video will run to 29:59.

    The articles BobDiMarzio linked to will just verify this. 

    This is a hardware limitation of the t3i and cannot be worked around. The t4i and up will split video clips at 4GB intervals, but the maximum record time is still 29:59.

    This is common to pretty much every DSLR and mirrorless camera and has to do with European taxes. If these cameras recorded for more than 30 min they would be double taxed as stills AND video cameras.  

  • @Triem23 and @LanceTBrown

    Very true. If it records longer than 30 minutes, it'll be clasified as a video camera and that'll cost more, so most camera's will cut at 29:59 or earlier. I have a film camera so I can fill my entire card in one take...

  • That can get you a bit spoiled... until you have to offload a 900GB card all at once. :)


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