Did Simon ever make a tutorial on how to do the Universal Studios title?

I'm looking for a tutorial that shows the techniques used to make the Universal logo in this video


Any clues? Is there a downloadable file with the settings?


  • That Universal thing was done in Boris, as Simon said in the video. Years ago, before Boris Title studio existed, Boris did a multi-part tutorial on how to do a simulation of the Universal logo. A Google of "boris text universal" finds those. The tutorial is not done in Hitfilm but the Boris effects used should have the same necessary controls in Hitfilm as in the tutorial.


    These days you would probably do that in Title studio. Because then you could have the text full occlude behind the Earth globe. Using the BCC effects, extruded text and such, the 3D earth and text are still pseudo 3D and having the text rotate from behind the globe would be difficult. In Title Studio both the globe and text are still fully 3D and this becomes easy.

    In what Simon showed, the universal text is just extruded text with a deformation applied bending the text. Probably a curl deformation. Then a little rotation of the text about an anchor. The globe behind could be a 3D object or it could be the sphere effect.

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