What do you guys think about this short film?

Hey Guys! 

Here at Fusion Five Films we just finished a brand new short film titled "Broken Limits" check it out and let me know what you think. As usual, any constructive criticism/feedback is welcome on this post :) 

Here it is here:


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  • FusionFiveFilms I enjoyed this a lot. Interesting story which kept me engaged along with great sound work and visuals which really came out well. I'm looking forward to seeing more! :)

  • Good colorgrading, story and nice sound work guys! Great job.

  • @OliThompson and @Film_Empire

    Thanks! Glad it turned out well!

  • Very nice! :)

  • Very well done.

  • Yep. Very well done.

    The only slightly negative thing that stuck in my head was Chris looked a bit too fresh when he was found. Probably could/should have had cracked lips and some sunburn?

  • @jsbarrett and @ScottReid Thanks!


    @tonyg That's true, thanks for pointing that out. It would have made it better to have had those elements but due to the small crew and tight schedule we were unable to make that happen at the time. I'll definitely make sure something like that doesn't slip through the cracks in the future. 

  • I liked it, but got confused,,,, was he shot in the leg or it just snapped?? (sorry if I must it)

  • Thought his leg was broke.  At least that was the impression I got.  You'll also notice that once he shoots the antagonist the gun is gone in the next scene.  That was well done imho.

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    @Bry_man He broke his leg, hence the line "That's broken." If he had been shot in the leg there would have been a much louder crack haha.  

    @ScottReid Thanks! I'm glad that was pulled off well, I was concerned that it may be too confusing for the audience but so far everyone I've shown it to has understood it. 

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    Don't know if you want to hear this, but I didn't like it.

    After watching it twice - because my first reaction was: Err....what?   - I realised it was a Fight Club+127 Hours mashup with added self loathing and a Deus Ex Machina rescue that had no bearing on anything he'd done anyway.  Who doesn't like a random happy ending? ;)

    Just didn't really see the point and TBH I wouldn't have cared if it faded to black and left him there without the "Found him!" voiceover, because both versions of him were annoying.

    Technically pretty good though.

  • @Palacono Dang man, that's pretty upfront XD. But yeah I understand that it may have been a bit confusing. Is there anything that would've made the film better for you such as backstory/narration via voiceover or something of the sort? I am always interested to hear people elaborate on why they didn't like something. 

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     Making me care about (one of) the characters would have been a start. :)

    Is the 'alter ego' justified in telling the character to get his act together because he'll die if he doesn't? Or is he just annoying and we feel for the main character? Currently he's annoying AF and we don't know enough to care about the main character.  He's a complete blank who finally shoots someone who is being annoying and/or who has an 'alter ego' who is dumb enough to not be helping his 'host', which means even if he wasn't shot and the main character died of heatstroke, he'd still be gone. So although the main character is a blank, he hates himself.  That's all we know about him. Not interesting.

    How he "broke his leg" was vague.  Coming round  and 'alter ego' saying "That was quite a fall. How did you not see that tree branch was rotten?" "And you didn't even manage to see which way to go!"  or something would have allowed us to fill in some blanks. 

    Show it to people, stopping it every 10-20 seconds (or after a few bits of dialogue) and asking "what do you think has happened so far?" "Have you changed your mind about what you thought was happening previously?" "Who are you rooting for and why?" will probably highlight where people are confused.

    Interestingly, YouTube's Auto Translate says "Heil Belgium!" when he's found. :D

  • @Palacono ;That's very true, next time I'll definitely look back on this when I'm writing my next short film and make sure that the character(s) and situation are better explained during the course of the story. Thanks for the input! I may sound crazy for sounding so positive but the only way to learn is through making mistakes like this and getting solid feedback.

    The "Heil Belgium!" translate is funny as heck! :D

  • If you haven't already, some 'D4Darious' might be worth a look for some film making tips. You can't ever get enough from multiple sources. :)

  • @Palacono

    "He's a complete blank who finally shoots someone who is being annoying"

    That's the part I could relate to......somebody so annoying I just want to shoot him, even if I have to die in the process, just so I can finally get some peace and quiet ;)

  • @Palacano I get what you mean. My empathy/sympathy was for 'injured Chris' mainly because 'evil Chris' was not very.... err... nice. Some more back story on injured Chris would have been good. I had guessed he was feeling worthless so had run away and was contemplating suicide egged on by his subconscious. The rescue at the end was either a literal (and/or metaphorical) saving by those who care.

    Now I could be wrong on all that but I do enjoy a film that makes me think (or overthink) and consider..... unless it is 'The Road' (which I prefer to block from my memory  )

  • @tonyg You guessed correctly. We had initially shot scene where the rescuer comes to Chris's aid but used the shot in the film with just sound because I was wanting to focus on Chris letting go of his pain and accepting peace. 

  • @FusionFiveFilms ;Your use of sound design and snappy dialogue made this piece incredibly engaging. I can imagine this sequence would make a great opening to a feature length thriller, there are so many questions left unanswered! 

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