A Tutorial on an Effect of Burning an Image/Video Layer

There was a query regarding creating the old Bonanza intro with the burning map in the Film-making section. Several recommendations to use a practical approach were offered. Here is a procedural effect that I think looks pretty good. Uses particle systems for some parts so requires Pro for the full effect. Thought it more appropriate for the Techniques section. 






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    @CowboyBob  Many thanks for putting this together.  I think it can be very useful in some applications like titles and such and I would never have been able to figure it all out myself.  Hope the original poster @christieproducer sees it.  Good job!

  • Very nice! 

  • Thanks! Glad you liked it.

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    Without watching, I'll guess you're animating fractal noise layers to generate growing blobs for a Set Matte effect as well as creating a white "edge" around the blobs for a particle emitter to get some embers going. 

    I've seen the demo render you did and it looks good. If my guess on your technique is right the "edge" element could also be a burn source for the Fire generator if one wanted. 

    Either way, subscribed, and created a new Hit-U playlist for your Hitfilm tutorials. 

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    @Triem23, that's it in a nutshell. Lots of things could be connected to the "edge" including another particle system with flames. I thought it looked good as is, so I didn't experiment further. I don't have a current need for this effect, just wanted to give @christieproducer a solution.


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