Custom Transitions Workflow Problem - Should this work?

tl;dr: Duplicate composites retain dependencies to their original assets and not duplicated ones. Why and how to stop them?

Because custom transitions require composites and take time to make, I'm trying to make up a library that I can reuse.

So, in a Folder in the Media Bin: Main composite that does the work, and then two other composites Clip A, Clip B to hold the assets. These will later have to contain other composites, because there is no easy way to cut out segments from the Editor timeline without 'promoting' them to composites and then dragging them in; but that's not a problem, and for placeholders they can also just be images.

So, as a test: a simple Opacity change from Clip A to Clip B works fine with a couple of images.

Then, I duplicate the whole Folder (Main, Plus clip A and B holders), call it Trans 2 and open up Clip A Composite in the second version. Drag in a different image, open up Trans 2's still referencing the original first Clip A.

That's not useful, as I specifically wanted placeholders for the clips to avoid having to do anything inside the Transition comp itself. I can't easily just drag in the second Clip A because then I have to cut'n'paste all the keyframes, effects etc. from the old to the new that this method was intended to avoid.

So, is this expected behaviour? If so, why it and is this useful (how?) or an oversight?

And how do I do what I need, which is to use the same transition more than once - duplicated each time is fine - with different clip references in each duplicate? I know in Composites that duplicates of planes etc. are only 'references', but creating a New Plane in the Media Bin is an actual second plane, so how do I duplicate composites and make them actually reference their embedded compos that are duplicated with them and not the originals?

It's not much use having a library of transitions if you can only use each one once per project. :(

I can't use Relink because you can't do that to composites, so what am I missing and how much more complicated can this get?


  • It's actually pretty easy, though you don't make the duplicates directly in HitFilm by duplicating comps.

    Going back to your example, you've got a project containing Main, A, and B comps, and you've got your A-B transition set the way you like it. Save that project with an appropriate name.

    Make a new project.  Choose Import --> Composite Shot.  Choose the project file you just made with your transition.  You'll get a dialog allowing you to choose which comps to import from that project.  Leave them all checked and click Import.  HitFilm will import all three comps and put them into a new folder named "Imported from [projectName].hfp".  You can do this process multiple times, and each time HitFilm will make a new folder with the new imported comps.

  •  @jsbarrett Cheers, and that's what I intend to do with the transitions the first time they are used, but it seems clunky to have to load in a new "transition project" every time I want to reuse the transition.

    Ideally I'd load in a large 'transitions project' with folders containing multiple sub folders with each transition in it and duplicate the sub folders as and when they're used. Having to keep them all separate and reloading individuals with "import composite, search for transition in appropriate folder and load it" method is time consuming and awkward if it's supposed to work how I'd assumed (yeah, I know what that means... ;) ) it did.

    When I create a duplicate of everything else in the Media Bin it's a real duplicate: planes of different colours, video clips at different speeds, images at different aspect ratios etc., so I'd also like each 'mini project' to be unique.

    I realise it means that during duplication a bit more work is involved in it looking for embedded dependencies, checking that they've also been duplicated and referencing those new ones to do that.

    Is it just an oversight for the wishlist, or the current method actually there because it's desired for some reason. If so, what is it?

    Maybe it's time for the bat signal. :) Any insight on this @Triem23 ?

  • Bat Signal is broken. :(

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