transparent png's showing black

wasn't sure for what category to put this in but besides that, when I put a png into hitfilm 4 express the background of the image the "transparent" part is just black it used to work and be transparent then it just started being black and i can't fix it, what do I do?


  • my image's have black so i cant just rgb green screen it either

  • I think you need the DEMULT effect , or the LUMINANCE one, I think Demult should do it, you might need to invert it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Right click one of your PNGs in the media bin, select Properties then change the options you'll see under "Alpha."

    Also,if you are the creator of the PNGs double check the export settings from your photo editor and make 100% certain you actually saved your file with transparency (either "32-bit color" or "RGBA."). Usually when this question comes up the answer is the PNGs had NOT been saved with transparency to begin with. 

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