Restoring audio to video clips in editor timeline

Hi - if I have unlinked and deleted the audio to a clip in the Editor, is there a way I can restore that audio if I later decide I need it, other than having to turn that clip into a composite shot (which is my current workaround).

If not, perhaps this feature can be added to Hitfilm? I know free software like VideoPad lets you do it. 

Also could the option be added that if you select a clip in the editor timeline, it appears in the trimmer with that clips in out points? Software like VideoPad (which, compared to Hitfilm, is very basic and quite clunky and horrible to use, which is why I switched to Hitfilm 3 Express and then Hitfilm 3 Pro and have never looked back since) does this, and it has the advantage in that if I for whatever reason need to know what the in out points of a clip on the editor is (e.g. so I can cut a new clip in the trimmer that starts the frame immediately after, or so I can restore audio like in my problem above, etc.) - this is perhaps the one single feature I miss from the far inferior VideoPad, as it means I have to do extra work to find out what frames I've used from a clip.


Thanks all! 


  • I have the same problem :(. I accidentaly unlinked the audio of some clips and now I need it back. Anybody knows, how to do that?

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