[ANSWERED] Subtitles in Hitfilm

 If I want to do music mv, how to deal with subtitles will be more convenient and quick it.


  • Can Hitfilm make bulk subtitles like Premiere?

  • Not really. You'd have to make them on individual comps.

  •  If I want to do music mv, how to deal with subtitles will be more convenient and quick it.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Sorry, Hitfilm's text effects are functional but not the most elegant. You really only have two options. The first is creating a text object for every subtitle. The second is to create one huge text object with different subtitles on each line, then animating that text box to "jump scoll" to each line while using a Set Matte effect to choke the text to only show the desired line. You would do this by creating a plane of the correct size, placing in in the correct location, hiding it, then adding Set Matte to the text using the plane as Source Layer and setting the matte type to Alpha /subtract and clicking the Invert Matte checkbox. 

  • You could optimize things a little by doing lots of lines in a single comp (created extra tall to make room for all the lines you want), bringing that comp into your main comp, and using a plane as a matte (with the Set Matte effect on your text comp) to only show one or two lines at a time. Keyframe that imported comp to shift up whenever you want to switch lines.

    You'll probably have to make several text comps and apply this same technique to each of them to cover all the lines you need for your subtitles, but IMO it beats making tons of individual text layers.

  • Heh...just mentioned this same tip in another thread that @lusiacollings started, and now I find this one.  Slowly catching up after being out on vacation most of last week.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @jsbarrett well this can happen when a user makes multiple threads for the same question. I see you gave the same answer I did... 

    Obviously I've merged the threads. 

  • ....just had the idea for another method for unanimated subtitles. One could simply type and position the text in a comp and then export as a png and then put this in as freeze frame, that should work, right? So instead of having multiple comps youd have multiple png's.

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