Problem with Canon AVCHD .mov in Hitfilm Express 2017

The problem is the same file looking works fine in HitFilm 4 Express!

Anyone on else experienced this?

I had to use HandBrake to encode it to mp4 to fix this footage.

But this adds a conversion to my edit that take extra time and is very annoying 

cheers V2


  • What problem are you having? I'm trying to edit a ABCHD .mov file in Pro 2017 and it's laggy! 

  • You haven't said what the issue is. 

    That said, AVCHD media is very slow in Hitfilm. Transcoding AVCHD is usually recommended.

    The beginning of this video discusses codecs and WHY AVCHD is slow. The rest discusses multiple transcode options, including optimal Handbrake settings and other tools. 

    Transcoding isn't fun for anyone, but, honestly, it's pretty standard. Avid and FCPX practically require transcodes to specific formats before import.

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