Composite an element behind glass

Hi Guys,

Can anyone recommend a tutorial on how to composite an element or elements behind glass? In the example I have in mind it would be green screen footage I want to key then composite into a shot outside a window that is shot from the other side of the window.




  • I did something similar but with the Camera perceived from the outside and the subject on the inside of the structure..   It was a locked down shot so I masked out the window so the subject would be behind the wall and window frame.   To add the "glass" I used the same technique that Inscape's Javert used in the Neon Path Tutorial.   (Reflection and lens dirt)

    If you are shooting from the inside you will want a still shot of what would be perceived to be behind the camera to use as a window glass reflection (if there is meant to be window glass) reduce the contrast to taste etc.

  • @DreamArchitect  You might be able to "fake" glass with a mostly zero opacity light gray/bluish plane  positioned over where you want the glass.  You can adjust the opacity and color to get the exact look you're trying for.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    Caustics can help mimic glass too. You can set a layer to use as an environment map instead of Reflection

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