Jerky Frames in Pro 2017?

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I have a disturbing observation. Perhaps I am messing up in my rendering, but look at these two renders of the same video. One in Hitfilm and the other is Resolve.  It is a 720p 29.97 fps clip. The time line is set to match these parameters in both clips and NOTHING has been done other than to trim the clip.

The Hitfilm clip is rendered at level 5.1 h.264 in an MP4 container and the resolve clip is also h.264 MP4. 

The Hitfilm rendition is noticeably jerky; almost like the is a mismatch in the frame rates of the output and the input with frames being dropped  or duplicated. Hopefully you can see this after youtube squashes the videos.... Easily seen where the king jumps from the window


Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts as to what is up?


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