Hitfilm vs Videoscribe vs VideoMakerFX vs Explaindio - which one is better?

If you are looking for animation software, there's many software available in market for making a whiteboard animation video. 

I search and found best animation software like hitfilm, Explaindio, VideoScribe and VideoMakerFX. 

But, I am really confused, which one is better for me.

Plz give me some suggestion for making a good whiteboard animation.


  • If you want the most control over your end product, HitFilm wins (IMO).

    That said, HitFilm is not specifically designed for making whiteboard-style animated videos, unlike the other three you listed.  It's definitely up to the task, but you'll end up spending more time doing it in HitFilm because nothing is pre-made for you.  You'll have to find or create your own assets (photos, illustrations, video, etc.), and animate everything yourself inside HitFilm.  It's not even marketed as do-it-yourself whiteboard animation software, so I'm a little confused as to how it ended up on your list with the others.  You might as well add other general-purpose editing, compositing and FX software to your list if you're considering HitFilm.

    If your sole goal is to quickly produce whiteboard-style animated videos and nothing more, do a deep dive into those other three for a while and you'll probably find one that rises above the others.  If you want a program that automates very little, but will let you create the same things as those others, and SO much more beyond that, then HitFilm wins hands-down.

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    I'm going to chime in but in my gut this post seems like an attempt to get backlinks from a forum to site about whiteboard animations laced with affiliate id's.

    I'll play along..

    But first...I'm a little confused as is @jsbarrett here: How did Hitfilm make your list of whiteboard animation software? 

    Onward: I own an older version of both Explaindio and VideoMaker FX and I subscribed to (Sparkol) Videoscribe for a couple of years. The first two are a joke...while Videoscribe is top notch as far as whiteboard animations go.

    Take the advice of the website article you linked to and go with Sparkol. 

    Peace Out

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