Looking to create this with a particles but having trouble....


I'm looking to create a particle trail, or configuration, similar to the one on VideoCoPilot, tutorial #54 


In the tutorial, Andrew created it with Particular using the Auxiliary settings. Since I am new to Pro, I am not that familiar with particles, though I've done quite a bit of experimentation. Any ideas on how to create this particle effect?




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    This is an older tutorial (Hitfilm 2), but still one of the best for the particle sim. 


    When an Ae/Particular tutorial talks about "secondary particles," in Hitfilm that means "mobile emitters." This two part tutorial is a good breakdown for mobile emitters. 



    I might watch the VCP tutorial later for specific hints, but watch what I just posted here. It'll be easier to explain how to approach something in the particle sim if you know the structure of the effect. Particles are the most complex, deepest, most versatile tool in Hitfilm. 

  •  As always Mike - U DA MAN!  Thanks for the links. I'll watch them and post my results.

  • Just to follow up. I went through the tutorials and it really explains a lot.  Unfortunately, trying to get the same effect as in the VC tutorial is not so easy. It is just hard to make the trails a solid (line) so to speak and then even when I add the turbulence it's not quite the same. As I added more particles to make the trails as solid as possible my system was almost unusable due to sheer # of particles. Oh well.

    My thought is, to really create that particle-tentacle type of effect,  that I should probably create it in blender and then import as 3D object.

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    Possibly. Ugh, If I'd watched the VCP tutorial I could have warned you about turbulence. 

    Turbulence in Hitfilm particles is a true randomizing element. It's actually more realistic than in Particular, but doesn't lend itself to building "structures." Turbulence in Particular is actually a 3D Displacement based on a Fractal Noise. 

    But Atomic Particles displaces things using a Fractal Displacement. I'll look at the VCP tutorial later, but how familiar are you with Atomic Particles? That might get you closer to what Andrew Kramer did. 

  • Thats Mike. I'll look into Atomic Particles.

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    Tutorials to start you off. Part 2 creates ribbons which might be closer to the Kramer tutorial. I still haven't watched that. lol.

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