Font Support Problem

I have several fonts installed from Google Fonts and while they show up in the list of fonts inside HFP-2017, they don't show up as they should. They all look the same and not at all like the font I installed.

I understand that HFP uses GL and as such uses a funky 3d party bit of code to handle fonts but what fonts DO work? This affects my titling and on screen text abilities.

I now I have to design my title in Affinity Photo / Gimp / Photoshop and load that as an image, severely limiting my choices.

If this was the free version of HitFilm, I wouldn't complain but paying 400$Can for the pro version, I sort of expect things to ... you know ... work.

Anyone have any insight?


  • @EvilDaystar @Kerlandsson what font does not work for you? Is it on Windows or Mac?

    Fonts should be installed in C:\Windows\Fonts on Windows otherwise they do not work (this is an issue in HitFilm that we haven't fixed yet). When a font doesn't get loaded, a workaround is to use one of the Boris Continuum Complete effects.

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