Viewer only playing 8 seconds of a 5 minute clip

Hi guys and gals, I'm relatively new to hitfilm express. But I know how to work the program due to experience in other editing software's. However, I cannot, for the life of me, Find out why The viewer is only playing 8 seconds of my 5 minute video. I need to chop the video up and edit it but I can't get it to play longer than that. Any Ideas on how to fix this? 


  • @therealrahlin  Are you using the editor timeline or have you created a composite shot?  With a composite you have a setting for the amount of time for the composite to be.  The default time is usually 30 secs however.  I think the editor has a default time of 5 minutes.  If you are in a composite you can change that time by clicking on the gear wheel in the media panel next to the composite.  A note though the time is set up as hours:minutes:seconds:frames so it's easy to mess up and up in 00:00:08:00 thinking that will 8 minutes when it's 8 seconds.  I don't know if any of this will help you out but it might point in a direction.

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