Typed text effect

Hi Guys,

I wonder, has there been any additions to hitfilm in recent years or perhaps in the boris plugin that makes creating typewriter style text easier, or is it still a case of using a constant or hold keyframed mask?

By typewriter text I mean one letter appearing at a time. Much like as I type this post really. 




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    check out this tutorial, I think if you have the Boris plug-in it has what you are looking for. This is for express (to do it manually), but he mentions boris, but I am not for sure?



  • Boris has an effect/option that does typed text. No keyframes needed.

    Generally speaking their effect if for per letter animation in. Animation out is also there. Many options for what the letters do for the in/out animation. Position, scale, rotate, fade, etc

  • Ok great thanks @HIS__Films and @NormanPCN that sounds like exactly what I need. I'll have a look at the Tut and do some more research now I know where to look.

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