Quantum Space Warp


This is a video for the Triem Visual 1k sub contest I made. I am just posting it here as a precaution just in case my e-mail didn't send for some reason.

Unfortunately, I spent less than a few hours in Hitfilm and couldn't wait for the render time added with 3d objects. I figured that I might as well make it a more abstract with the theme of light manipulation and the space odyssey -Esque monolith to be the theme. 


If I spent a little bit more time I would have added better sound effects, rather than using audio from freesounds.com. 


There was some temptation to make the video slightly longer and break the limitations set in the contest but I was able to work with those limits. 

Still, I think it is in workable condition. 


Any opinions?


  • @RingkunMori  Sweet!  the cloud at the end was especially nicely detailed.  Thought your sound was absolutely fine as well and did evoke that 2001-vibe.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That's pretty neat! The some of it feels a bit like a 60's Star Trek or Doctor Who effect (I mean that in a good way.), and the stretching/distorting in the middle is very effective. The cloud at the end is nifty. 

    As a bonus, it's one of those rare videos where I can't instantly figure out how you did it! 

  • Yea! Pretty cool. Good job!

  • +1 to everything @Triem23 said.  I'd love to see a behind-the-scenes tutorial on the techniques you used to make this.

  • Awesome space effects

  • Liking it a lot, +1 to seeing some more detail/tutorial on how you achieved it.

  • +1 on on detail, and really liked it.

  • That was awesome. I agree with @Triem23 here, it does have a 60's Star Trek and Doctor Who effect which is by no means a bad thing! Plus, everyone knows how great these shows were and still are so it's an even bigger compliment to your work. 

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