No audio after exporting movie


I have problem with audio in Hitfilm. In editing, everything is fine, I can manage levels, hear audio form both tracks (wav background and .mts audio file directly from camera, probably dolby digital) but after exporting final movie - only background music works, the original audio from camera is missing (Panasonic G6, AVCHD, MTS FILE, 23,976fps).
Anyone can help? :)

I am not native english speaker, please foregive me any language mistakes.


  • @PawelPL  I tried to recreate your setting as best as possible and I noticed that the wav file on the audio track above your camera audio may be the culprit here.  I had to open the audio properties and lower it on the top audio to be able to hear the camera track sufficiently.  I hope this capture of the the settings helps to point you to something to try and see if it works for you.  You could also drag you video into video one/audio one slot and put the wav tracks on audio two and the reverse should happen where you'll hear only the camera audio (or mostly anyway.)  Sorry, I didn't know what language to use Google Translate on to make this easier for you.

    Capture of my settings

    Changed Audio output in project from 48khz to 44,1 and everything went great.



  • I had the same problem with the export rendering without any sound.  I changed the audio from 48khz to 44.1 like PawelPl recommended and the problem was solved.  The video exported with sound.

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