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I've noticed with a few fonts installed on my Mac that not all available styles appear in HitFilm.  For example, the Cambria font I have installed has regular, italic, bold, and bold italic styles available. However, HitFilm only gives me the Regular option.  I've validated the font in Font Book and all four styles validate just fine, and other applications can use them all.  Any idea why HitFilm would only see one?


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    Are they .ttf format or .otf format?  Is the regular a different format to the italic etc?

  • Okay, scratch the issue with Cambria.  Now all of its styles are showing up, though it seems to be a mystery what makes them appear and what makes them "hide."

    I do have a few installed fonts that don't appear at all in HitFilm, and so far they're all OTF.  I found an old thread that says that OTF support was added to HitFilm 4 Pro in Update #4.  Does that mean that support for OTF fonts is a Pro-only feature?

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    I just tested HitFilm express 2017 by installing an .otf and express 2017 did NOT pick it up.  So must be a PRO only feature?

  • Express 2017 will load OpenType (OTF) fonts. At least it does for me.

  • @NormanPCN - Which OS are you using? Maybe there's a bug in the Mac version, because Express 2017 doesn't see any of the OTF fonts on my system.

  • @jsbarrett I am on Windows.

    I don't have a lot of OTF fonts to quickly test in Hitfilm (due to a different long time HF font bug) but a quick look I found a couple of OTF fonts that load and work in HF Express/Pro 2017.

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    That's interesting @NormanPCN, I run Windows 10 + Express 2017, and whenever I install a new OTF, Hitfilm does not detect nor see them.

  • Free fonts downloaded from the web can be sketchy in implementation. Basically the metadata can be quirky.

    The Hitfilm fonts implementation is sketchy.

    Combine the two and you can get the reports we see in the forum here. Hitfilm does not see the font or does not work with the font properly.

  • Cheers @NormanPCN for the clarity :)

  • @NormanPCN - Is there a way to edit the metadata to fix the problem?

  • @jsbarrett I have used a tool that cleaned up some fonts that acted quirky. So I would have to say, yes you can edit metadata.

    That said, I was lucky. At the time I was having issues with NewBlue Titler Pro which is OpenGL like Hitfilm.  I got a tool called Transtype 4 to do certain basic conversions/tweaks. The lucky part is that I found out that its output cleaned up some some quirky fonts. Just import and export with no changes. So Transtype's import was tolerant of sketchiness and its export seemed more rigorous.

    I remember one quirk NewBlue had. It gave me the bold font when I selected the regular and in another case I could not select the italic font. Transtype cleaned up both. These were purchased fonts from

    Now that was a while ago and it was with NewBlue. No idea about the issues Hitfilm is having but I am willing to convert a font you are having problems with. PM me a link to a ZIP and I'll give it a go.

  • @NormanPCN Thanks, but I don't have a critical need to use a specific OTF font at this time. Just curious why they aren't working in HitFilm. I downloaded the trial of Transtype, and it looks pretty slick.  I might try using it to convert my few OTF fonts to TTF.  After the trail expires, I'll just live with TTF, though I might ping you if I need something converted down the road.

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