Is Hitfilm a sensible tool to use to cut and transcode video?

I've been using Shotcut to transcode video clips for editing in Hitfilm Express and I've gathered from other discussions that it's common practice to use a tool for this purpose but can't Hitfilm also do this?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yes, but, honestly it's not the beat choice. 

    Hitfilm can be used to transcode if you want to keep everything in one program, but Hitfilm isn't the fastest program at encode/decode, and still looks through the compositing engine to say "I do nothing." A dedicated transcoder will be faster. 

  • Indeed I tried it and went back to using Shotcut. Shotcut is not a dedicated transcoder but it has other features that let me transcode just the parts I need. Hitfilm was comparatively slow and cumbersome for this particular task. 

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