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Just puchased Starter Pack and Premium Formats. Normally when I buy software online, I have to download and install. Didn't have to do this for the packs.

Both packs work fine. I suppose all the packs are already built in and activated automatically? So when for some reason I have to reinstall my OS, all I have to do is reinstall the basic Hitfilm 2017 Express and the packs will reappear?

The reason why I ask this is that in my account there is a " redeem a download" button and I don't understand what it exactly means. Is this for downloads of purchased packs? Can't find anything in the FAQ'S.





  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If, for some reason, you reinstall your OS, remember to deactivate Hitfilm Express first--that will make reactivation easier. 

    Otherwise, yes, if you reinstall and reactivate Express your packs should just be there. 

    I believe the "redeem a download" button is for Express/Pro upgrades. You get roughly half of any Express add-on money spent as a discount on the upgrade. 

  • Thank you.
    I have a problem with the mp4 rendering from mts (avchd) files.

    Could you have a look in Express support: "Export is blocky and pixely (bottom)"?

    I hope it is a question of settings, but I have tried almost everything and the output is really terrible.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I've already looked at that thread and given my advice there. Raise your output bitrate from 0.192mbps to 15mbps with a 23mbps max target rate. This requires raising Level from 4.0 to 5.1.

  • I already had read your advice and already did adjust the bitrates and levels as you suggested (before I posted), but it did not help. 

    Thanks anyway,

  • edited July 2017

    It must have made some difference because you are now outputting over 78 times as much data as you were before. I'd expect that to improve things.  ;) 

  • It turned out to be an interlacing issue. @LouisV was recording interlaced footage, and the "pixely" edges were just the interlaced fields.  Using the Deinterlace plugin fixed it, and he's going to capture future footage in progressive mode to avoid this.

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