What am I doing wrong (3D textures)

Decided to play around with this 3D model to be sure I understand what I'm seeing in the tutorials but something doesn't seem right. There only seems to be enough available file sources for the pots and not the grass. Am I just not seeing something?

Here's the model I'm working with:


Also there are three textures for the pots but I can only seem to use one to color them all.


Thanks for the help!


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    It looks like there are 3 groups of pots and grass and all those groups are combined  into one Material group. Also the smallest pot...the UV  is inverted.

    You can use though just a bit more tedious. Just import the model in twice. Name one grass and one pot.

    - Under Groups  check the box beside each piece. The groups are named grasses_01 thru grasses_09. You'll have to figure out what one's are pots and which are grass. Go to each model group piece and set the scale to zero on the group names you figured out to be grass and pots depending

    - Create a comp
    - The model named "pots" use the pots textures.
    - The model named "grass" use the grass textures.
    - Import both models  into a comp. Unroll the models.
     - Create a point. Make it 3d. Parent the models to the point. So the grass and pots are together.

    Add a light, camera, play with the textures, add an environment map....



  • Thanks! I was able to get the textures  to work like you mentioned. Looks nowhere near as good as yours though!


    Thanks again 

  • lol, you are a champion @GrayMotion ;)

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     @twhitworth - It's all in the materials and lighting. I'm going to give you a short version on how I'd setup the clay pot. Later a real pro will be along to explain the particulars much better than I could at the moment.
    Materials settings for clay pot:

    Diffuse Color  153 153 153
    Specular Color 128 128 128
    Ambient Amount - 59 59 59

    Illumination Model - Cook-Torrance
    Fresnel - Custom  0.592  0.247  0122  <--- close approximation of clay
    Roughness - .5
    Specular Reflectance - 0
    Diffuse Reflectivity - .7
    Specular Reflectivity - 7
    Index of Refraction - 1.107
    Refraction amount -20%

    Add two lights to your scene. Set one light as a Point light and say... place it behind the camera and off to the right. Change it from Point to Directional

    Second light - Ambient  Color of light  - white - Strength 10%
    The mess above is  basically the materials light properties of Clay. In a nutshell how much light is reflected and how much is absorbed.  This is a very inaccurate explanation btw - Full of holes -  but I hope you get the drift. You can find the fresnel  of most materials and their IOR by doing a Google search.

    Good luck!

    @Yeremyah - well I think right now I'm just the "pion" side of that. Hopefully the Cham comes sometime b4 I die :-)  Thanks.

  • @GrayMotion

    That explains a lot! Never knew that part of it was even that important. I'll remember to look for those in the future. This is very exciting! Thank you!

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