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Hey you guys!

For the past 5 years I've been making short films big and small. Some were great and some were not so great. But over the years I've learned much about this process we all call "filmmaking." Storytelling and entertaining people is something I honestly enjoy doing. So, I figured that it's time to start reaching more people as well as grow my production company. What better place to do that than the amazing and steadily growing HitFilm community?

So, with that being said, we are trying to reach a 300 subscriber goal before the summer ends, and if we hit 100 we are going to release a brand new, action packed short film! I'm leaving the link to our channel down below so you guys can go start watching! If you like what you see, we would really appreciate you clicking the subscribe button because it gets us excited that our audience is growing and enjoying what we make!

Channel Link:

Here's one of our most popular short films:


  • Fun short!  However, the link to your channel is broken.  A space somehow got appended to the URL.  You should be able to edit your message to fix this.

  • @jsbarrett My bad, it should work now. Thanks for the heads up!

  • @FusionFiveFilms - Hey! No hitting below the belt! OUCH!

    Nice fight scene- liked the choke hold. Kind of hard to stop someone when they're atop a berm like that. Hope to see more from you!

  • @StormyKnight Thanks haha! In war anything goes I guess! 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Great logo animation and very brutal fight choreography. That last choke hold was very nasty, indeed. Well done! 

  • Amazing fight scenes dude

  • Thanks! @Triem23 and @Hudson982 It was definitely a challenge!  

  • @FusionFiveFilms I really enjoyed the camera work and sounds used. Great job, I'm looking forward to seeing more! :)

  • Hey there, new guy here and I randomly came across this forum (and also HitFilm) I've been wanting to create my own short films for a long time now but have no idea where to get started. 

    Anyway, I liked your short film @FusionFiveFilms! The camera work was very cool and the whole fight looks like it was a challenge to do! Just wondering, how long did it take you to film and edit this? 

  • @bakerlee That's awesome! The HitFilm software and community are very cool. Usually, we film longer short films but this was more of a run n' gun type short. This took about 3-4  hours to film, and 2 or 3 days to edit. Most of the choreography with the two actors was made up on the spot as we shot it and I was running camera as well as sound. 

    One tip I would give you is to just go out and start making things.  It took me a long time to get to this skill point of filmmaking and the reason I was able to make this action short was because four or five years ago I decided to just make something one summer day.

    Also, YouTube is a fantastic place to learn almost everything there is to know about filmmaking. I would suggest Film Riot to you if you haven't heard of them, they are the bomb!

    So, good luck and happy filming!


  • @FusionFiveFilms Thank you for reply! So much information, yay! 

    I've already had a guess that a scene like that would take 3-4 hours to film. Impressive that the choreography was made up, though, I would've thought that those two actors rehearsed the whole scene. 

    So, you just randomly decided to get into filmmaking? Was there any inspiration for it? To me, action movies were a huge thing during my childhood days. It wasn't the good 'story' or acting that fascinated me, it was how the whole thing was set up. Camera and everything, just fantastic. I've been wanting to film an action sequence myself, but since I'm an amateur I think those might be a little too difficult? I don't know... 

    And thanks a lot for the recommendation! I'll definitely check out Film Riot :) 

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    No problem, I'm always down to help out an inspired creator! And yes, it was very impressive. They handled the fighting part, I handled the camera part. I gave them some direction but they really did most of the work.

    It wasn't random, when I was 10-11 years of age I loved telling stories. Mainly Star Wars, Transformers, and etc. I wrote stories and had my friends act them out with me. After a year or two of doing that, I wrote a script heavily inspired by the first Indiana Jones movie, which is one of my core favorite movies. That really got the ball rolling, and then I decided to just keep going. It does take a lot of commitment, blood, sweat and tears to grow in it but boy is it worth it!

    One thing I would tell you is to go for it! Once you start, keep going, improve on what you see you did wrong, experiment with it, and after a while you'll sit back and think "Dang, this is pretty good!"But never think anything creative is too difficult. 

    I loved action as well, and most of my shorts until a few months ago were all action. The reason I stuck to it is because action is cheap, fun and awesome. But eventually, I decided I wanted to up the ante in terms of storytelling, so now I am focused on sending a message and creating themes with my short films. 

    I hope this helps, once you start a channel and whatnot, let me know because I'd be happy to be your first sub! 

  • @FusionFiveFilms ;

    Again, thank you so much for replying! I really appreciate that. Fascinating how those two handled the whole thing. They're also pretty talented. 

    But yeah, I can fully understand why you were inspired by those movies. Star Wars was also a huge part of my childhood and I acted out certain scenes with my friends back in the days. We weren't filming them though, since we didn't have the opportunity to do so. It's cool that you were inspired by Indiana Jones in a way, it is a cool movie and one of the best trilogies out there if you ask me.

    Thanks for sharing your story and experiences. I'll definitely let you know once I get started! 

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