So I have been exporting a 3 min. video for 45 min. now and it still says starting... this has never happened to me I have exported a lot of stuff as well is there a setting to make this go or something?  My use proxies for exporting is checked does that help or what? The video has a lot of info so I know that is the problem but not even 1% is done!

Thanks in advance

p.s. this is for the my rode reel competition and I have less than 48 hours to upload to youtube then to there website, so a simple quick answer will be helpful, if there is such a thing :)



  • @HIS_Films  It might just be a conflict in your system/computer.  Have you tried cancelling the export, making sure the project is saved and shut down the computer and restart it to be sure that all system files and drivers are loaded and then load it up and try to export again?  But make absolutely sure all your hard work is saved...

  • I will try that and let you know how that goes!

  • I am not getting anything to export i tried to export just a clip of the video that is only 10 sec long ( one with a lot of data) 2 min. in exporting and it still says starting...

  • I have also tried exporting the video in sections still nothing do I need to just leave it alone and will it go?

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    Another thing is that in another project file i export it and it works, it is only 10 sec. long but it does export, but in the 3 minuite one i cut it down to just 6 sec. and it still doesn't even want to give me 1% I got one day and 7 hours to fish this :o

    should I try reinstalling hitfilm express, I just today updated it, so maybe I do not have to?

    Is there any way I can by pass the editor and maybe put it in a comp then export it or move it to a whole new project file?

  • @HIS_Films  Strange behavior to be sure.  I would think if another project is exporting reinstalling Hitfilm would have no effect.  If I recall coorectly, didn't you have a problem a while back exporting a clip that used some explosions and gunfire?  You aren't by chance using any of those same assets are you?  I tried them on my system and tried narrow down which was causing that problem but I have slept since then and don't know if I am recalling correctly.

    You try removing temporarily assets and tryingto export to see if you can find out if one is a problem or corrupted.

    Sorry I don't have any better advice.

  •  Hey ttdavis in the past yes I was having problems with explosions and gun fire, since then I have gotten a new computer with a better graphics card and everything has been working real fast for the most part, when I watch the video in the editor most of the video plays at real time then some doesn't because of all the explosions and gun fire but it hasn't gotten stuck yet to where it quits, I do not know, I will keep trying stuff and see what happens

    thanks ttdavis :)

  • So I have tried for a final time and I have gone for 4 hours and it still says starting, I am going to leave all night and see what happens, maybe it is going but its just not showing it? We will have to wait and see :)

  • Is there Any way to refresh an editor, if not I will probably just try do redo the vid.

    by the way i tried for 17 hours and it still said starting it might be corrupted :(

  • Hi there, the 'starting' message should not appear for more than a few seconds. Your exports are getting stuck for some reason.

    HitFilm uses an external background process called 'HitFilmRenderClient'. Assuming you're on Windows, you can try using the Task Manager to stop any and all of these processes. Any in progress exports will display an error but if you try to export again, the processed will be automatically relaunched.

    When you proxy media, it uses the same process.

    You're the first person to report this problem so I'm not sure what's causing it. 

    Please list your exact system specifications.

  • Hi Danny

    Here is my specs

    windows 10 pro

    Processor     -     intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600k CPU @ 3.50GHz   3.50GHz

    installed ram   -   16.0 GB

    system type    -   64-bit operating system, x64- based processor

    Graphics card      -        Nvidia 970GTX GPU

    250 GB SSD

  • Thanks for that. Your PC is well above minimum spec!

    Are you using any third party anti virus software?

  • not that I now of?

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    It is just wierd that it will not even export 6 seconds of the 3 min. video I set the in and out points then try to export and it will not even give me 1%

    there is a ton of info though on the project I used a lot of stuff to create it whitch I think is the problem

    would stopping the background prosseces help?

  • Another thing is that I try moving all the comps that I used for the 3 min. video to a new editor and it loads forever, but when I move all the media I used over to the new it works, there is just a lot of info in the comps

  • Does export work for a new project with a simple timeline? Is this problem project specific?

  • Yes export works on another timeline, it is only happening on this timeline, but let me try to make sure :)

  • Ok you can narrow the problem down by exporting specific composite shots in your project until you find the one that's causing the issue.

    If you have nested composite shots (i.e. timelines containing layers that are themselves timelines), start with the bottom most composite shot.


  • So I tried a 1:39 video with music and one vfx of a muzzle flash and glass breaking and when I went to export it started like right away!

  • I have tried exporting one comp by itself and it did the same thing were it didn't start, but I only tried one so maybe I can try a more simple comp in the timeline and export it by itself.

  • ok, so I have now tried a very simple single composite shot with only color grading and a letterbox and it has been now more than a minuite and it still says starting...

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    It sounds like you've narrowed it down to one of the effects in that composite shot. 

    Can you try turning off all of the effects and then trying the export?

    If that works, turn on each effect in order and repeat the process until you find the culprit.

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    But I have tried exporting more than one comp a very complex one and the simple one and they both do not want to export, but I will try to turn off all effects and try exporting.

    another problem is that when I try to export one and it says starting for a while I delete it and there is nothing in the export que but when I try to go back to the editor it says do you want to suspend export, but there is nothing in the que?

    by the way thank you Danny for trying to help me! :)

  • so I think that there is something wrong with the timeline are all the comps

    Also I turned of all the effects on one comp and tried to export and it still says starting, I might just have to try everything in a new timline.

  • Hi is it possible you could send us a copy of this project?

  • EmmaEmma Staff

     @HIS__Films Can you also make sure you have the most recent update of HitFilm installed?

  • I updated Hitfilm express 2017 update yesterday so it should be updated

    Danny send you just the project file or all the media with it, because there is a ton of stuff like a lot, and how would I send it, it is a lot of info!


  • How big is your project (including media)?

    We might only need the project file; we can use dummy media here to reproduce the problem.

    If you have Dropbox or Google Drive, please upload the file there and follow the instructions for sharing public files (Dropbox | Google Drive). You can then paste the link into the Forums.

    If not, or you don't wish to publicly share the project, you could send it via WeTransfer or YouSendIt. In that case please send to support@hitfilm.com, and mention this Forum post in your message.

  • I do not know how big the file is,there is just a ton of media, let me just send you the hfp file through google drive here on the forum :)

    But at the same time I am going to try and redo the whole video on a new timeline, I have a deadline to finish by lunch time tommorow so I got to work on a backup just in case we cannot get it in time. I will get you the file shortly :)

  • And if the file does not work I can try sending all the media, it is a lot though


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