How do I render/export just a section of a composite shot?

I need client approval on a change made to a longer video.  To render and upload the whole thing just to get approval on a  10 second change would take a lot of time.  How do I render/export just a section of a composite shot.  I've set my In and Out points.  What's the next step?  I don't see this in the help file.


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    If you're using HitFilm Express 2017, just above the gear icon in the comp timeline are two buttons that look like strips of film.  The lower one will send an export task to the queue matching your in and out points.  It even says "Export IN/OUT Area" when you hover over it.  Once clicked, go to the Export tab to choose your export preset and file location.

    If you're using an older version of Express, you'll only have one such icon, which just says "Export Composite Shot" when you hover the mouse over it.  Clicking that will throw you directly to the Export tab.  For the Export Area option, choosing "Work Area" will use the In/Out settings.

  • Thanks -- I missed that.

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