[Answered] Considering switching over to Hitfilm for my video editing, have some questions

Watching some comparisons and Q:A session from this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnXBvqIefzo

So the reviewer/user of Hitfilm was asked "What are the biggest drawbacks to Hitfilm express?"

1. He states that some major formats are not compatible, in the video a picture of .MKV and .MP3 are red/greyed out indicating they arent compatible. While most video editors hate .MKV thats fine, i use a lot of .MP3 files and was wondering if Hitfilm Express is able to use it (since the person didnt specifically state it wasnt compatible with Mp3 files)

2. He states that updates released require purchasing. Does this mean Express in its current state will always be.... the same? What im asking i guess once technology improves and bugs occur, does that mean that bug fixes bundled in with packs for effects for Hitfilm will be a paid package?

What does those update packages contains? If its just extra visual effects or audio stuff then i dont really need those but if its major stuff like upgraded versions then yeah thats a different story.

3. Other question, whats the difference between Hitfilm Express and Hitfilm 2 Ultimate? Ive been seeing them both floating around

THanks in advance and much appreciated!


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Without watching the linked video (I don't have the extra half hour to spare), it sounds like the video is fairly old and obsolete and has given you some incorrect data.

    Hitfilm 2 Ultimate is the 2012 revision of the software. Starting with version 3, "Ultimate" is now "Pro."

    Hitfilm 2 Express was a paid product. Beginning with Hitfilm 3, Express is free. While Express does have additional paid add-ons, the next version of Express will still be free and any add-ons you purchase will carry over to the next version.

    Full version updates to Pro will have an upgrade fee.

    Once a new full version is released, development stops on the prior version. FXHOME does not have enough development staff to invest resources in prior versions, instead, looking ahead.

    MKV doesn't import into Hitfilm. MP3 does. CAVEAT/WARNING: Hitfilm is very literal in file import and conforms to the "official" file specs. Officially MP3 can hold a a single ID3 tag. that said, there are many ways to put multiple ID3 tags into an MP3 file. If you come across an MP3 that won't load, then open it in an ID3 tag editor and strip out all the (technically illegal) additional tags.

    I think that covers the current list of questions. Anything else? :-)

  •  Thanks for your very quick reply! I do have some otehr questions

    What do you mean when you state

    "Full version updates to Pro will have an upgrade fee." Is there a 3rd version of Hitfilm? I know of Hitfilm Express and Hitfilm Pro so i was wondering what you meant by "Full Version"

    If i decide to buy Pro later on, will add-ons purchased for Express work in Pro? Or does Pro already have most of those extra Add-ons?

    Thanks again for your quick reply, already Im sold on switching over and supporting Hitfilm


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    A "full version" update to Express or Pro is when they change the name. HItfilm 2 Ultimate, Hitfilm 3 Pro, Hitfilm 4 Pro, Hitfilm Pro 2017, etc. The next "Full version" will probably be "Hitfilm (Pro/Express) 2018." But Hitfilm 2017 is currently on "Update 6," (so it's the seventh released version of Hitfilm 2017).

    Pro has absolutely everything in every Add-on pack, plus exclusive features impossible to add to Express. For a fairly extensive discussion comparing Hitfilm 4 Express to Hitfilm Express and Pro 2017, see here: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/43783/comparing-hitfilm-express-2017-to-hfe-4-and-pro-2017-the-definitive-list#latest

    Roughly half the cost of any add-on packs you own is discounted from the upgrade price to Pro. :-)

  •  Thanks for answer all my question Triem23! I got one last one if you dont mind,

    1. Does any of the Hitfilm (either Express or Pro) have batch render? Rendering more than one video at once

    2. Does any of the Hitfilm allow you to continue editing while rendering?


    Thanks again so much!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    1) Hitfilm Epress and Pro 2017 have Export Queues to allow one to set up batch renders of individual clips, entire composite chots and entire editor timelines from one or more projects to batch render in one or more formats.

    2) However, you cannot edit while Hitfilm is rendering.

    No problems!

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    The video was comparing HitFilm 4 Pro and Express to Adobe CC and Vegas, it was uploaded Dec 7, 2016.

    Not sure where to begin, but the misinformation in that video is just above and beyond to the point where it almost looks staged. It's a very poorly researched video.

    They say that HitFilm doesn't support MKV and MP3 is a big downside (other NLE's don't support MKV either afaik), and requires you to always transcode/convert to .MP4 and .WAV respectively, which made me want to stop watching immediatly, but I kept going...

    They also say that there's only 1 update per year to the program, and it costs $200.

    They bring up many more points which are for the most part also wrong, but I guess the free exposure is worth it.

    I really wish they would bring up more points which makes HitFilm look good, because they would be true, such as HitFilm while it's not the industry standard, is just another tool in the creators toolbox. HitFilm is being used in Hollywood already for years already. I guess that's the fanboy in me, but I would love to see facts instead of opinions of features the video creator(s) did or did not yet discover.

    The video received 821 likes and only 28 dislikes...

    At this point in time, their comparison wouldn't be accurate anyways, because of the huge leap that came with HF2017.


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