Can we make a new forum section for Equipment?

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When buying equipment, we're all searching for the best value at the best price.   Moderators, is there some sort of  template you can implement that categorizes brands/models so people can post questions  -- and also so owners can post their experience and recommendations about brands/models.  Or would you say that has it mostly covered?

Usually I hire a DP and his camera, but lately I need a DSLR body/lens combo that has excellent specs for smaller jobs.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  $500 or under.


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    Mods don't have any real access under the hood of the web code--we're just users with limited ability to delete posts and move things to other categories. 

    Logically gear questions would come under Filmmaking, but perhaps a Gear forum category isn't a bad idea. 

    An "excellent" DSLR (or Mirrorless) with lenses for under $500? Can't think of anything. That price range can get you into the "pretty good" category. Maybe something like a used Canon t3i or t4i with kit lenses (or Nikon equivalent). Those can kick out a pretty nice image, but you're very limited in low-light. Also probably to 1080p. 

    Maybe a Sony a6000? 

    I'd say stay away from the Samsung NEX line. They're good cameras, but a dead line. Also the h.265 codec requires transcoding for Hitfilm. 

    The Panasonic FZ80 is worth a look. It shoots 4k. It's an integrated lens, but a crazy zoom range of 20mm to 1200mm. Under $400. Big drawback is it's only got a 1/2.3" sensor. 

    If you can expand your budget up to about $1000 you'll have more and better options. 

  • I second this

    The only appropriate section for filming equipment right now is in Everything else.

    Filming equipment
    Cameras, lenses, pods, sliders, DIY, bags

    My suggestion (may not be complete for the trained eye!) for a equipment forum category. I think it's best to keep it universal across all makes and brands, because dividing it with specific brands such as Canon and Nikon, would only split the community more I think.

    To answer your question, what's your criteria for a good camera, such as low light performance, lenses available (with/without adapter), what do you already have available, etc?

    When I purchased my camera, I went with a DSLR because I had to be able to take photos as well. I'm not sure where DSLRs sit in the market today, but if I could do it again, I would have went with a Canon 600D and a 30mm prime lens to achieve 50mm on it's crop sensor, I really regret buying a 50mm prime, I'm close to 80mm zoom all the freaking time. :(

    I hope this was any helpful, good luck in your search! :D


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