Assassin's Fall (a micro thriller)

Not all projects turn out the way you want or expect.  When my recent attempt to make an action thriller imploded in on its own ambition (problematic shoot), I didn't want to let the team's hard work go to waste.  So I cut the footage that WORKED into a micro thriller.

Looking at the finished (salvaged?) film, I can honestly say that I took more stylistic risks that I may not have taken had I stuck to the original vision of the film.


  • Cool stuff. Blood spilling scenes are terrific.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Nicely put together. Also, way to take a problematic shoot, refuse to trash it, and make it work as well as you can!

    My one nit is the blood (to my eyes) came out a little too red, since you've got so much green in your grade. However, I'll assume that's deliberate and that you wanted it to "pop" more hyperrealistically than realistically. :-)

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