Hitfilm 4 Pro: I can't find my tracker anymore.

Hey, on a previos installation on Hitfilm 4 pro I was able to use the Tracking Feature.

Now when I make a new layer in a composite shot I don't have the option to add a tracker. I can't find the option anywhere!?

This is Hitfilm 4 Pro on Windows 10 all Layers are 3D planes. When I convert them to 2D again nothing changes.


  • @CloudsagaStudios there should be a + icon to add a tracker. Make sure that the width of the timeline controls is big enough.


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    Well I don't even see the Tracker column and the only + I see is the one from adding a new layer and the one in the effects column.


    EDIT: Oh sry I see the problem. I don't use a video layer. All my content is just PNGs.

    How can I put Light flares on a picture and make it move with the feature I want to come that flare from? Do I need to do that manually?

  • There are multiple ways of doing this but you can track what you want in your media layer, apply the tracking to a point layer and then in your flare effect, "Use Layer", select your point layer and set the position to 0; 0 to have the flare on the point.

  • I still don't know how I can make a tracker without a video layer.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You can't.  You can only track a video layer. 

    Why track a PNG? Any motion it might have was animated by you... 

  • Manually copy the Transform properties (you added yourself?) from the .PNG to a Point. Remove them from the PNG. Parent the PNG to the Point. Parent everything else you want to move to the same point.

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